The most expensive shoes in the world range from ruby slippers to Nikes thrown at a president; and a lot of Air Jordan’s.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wear a pair of shoes with a four-digit or higher price tag? We’ve found the 25 most expensive shoes in the World. Come learn some new facts and possibly add a few new pairs of shoes to your “when I hit the lottery” pile. Don’t worry, men, we have some for you too!

1. Jada Dubai & Passion Jewellers Passion Diamond Shoes

The most expensive shoes in the world

Price: $17 million

The number one spot for the most expensive shoe in the World belongs to the Passion Diamond shoes, by UAE designer Jada Dubai in partnership with Passion Jewelers.

These shoes were unveiled in 2018 at the World’s only seven-star hotel in Dubai, the Burj Al Arab. It took nine months to complete this shoe design.

Each pump has a pair of 15-carat grade D diamonds, along with 238 diamonds along with the trim. Even more shocking is that these shoes are pure gold.

If you’re comfortable walking around with diamonds on your shoes, maybe you’d like to add some diamonds to your diet, too. The Frrrozen Haute Chocolate, considered one of the Most Expensive Chocolates in the World, uses diamonds as part of its recipe. 

Totalling 100 carats of diamonds, learn more about these shoes in the video below:

At $17 million, this makes Passion Diamond Shoes the most expensive shoes in the world

2. Debbie Wingham High Heels

Debbie Wingham High Heels price

Price: $15.45 million

The second most expensive shoe in the World belongs to UK designer Debbie Wingham, who worked with Florida contemporary artist Chris Campbell. 

These high heels have a platinum body, a pure gold plaque, solid gold zippers, soles, and 24-carat gold-painted leather. Plus, 18-carat gold thread stitching and gold thread inlay.

Handcrafted Arabian Jasmine flowers adorn each toe, along with a thousand pointer diamonds. The heels contain blue one-carat diamonds, pink three-carat diamonds, and four flawless 3k white diamonds.

3. Nike Shoes Thrown at President Bush

Price: $10 million

On December 14, 2008, Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi made the news when he took off his Nike shoe and threw it at then-President George Bush. 

Since that time, this pair of shoes were purchased for an outstanding $10 million by a sixty-year-old man named Hassan Mohammad Makhafa, from Aseer.

Makhafa said the shoes represent a medal of freedom that he planned to enshrine, even if he had to sell off all of his fortunes to acquire the simple sneakers.

After the incident went viral, the shoe manufacturer received over 500,000 orders for the same shoe within a week. Something has to be said for free marketing, even when you have nothing to do with it!

4. Ruby Slippers by Ronald Winston

most expensive shoes in the world list

Price: $3 million

These $3 million shoes were created in 1989 as a replica of Dorothy’s famous footwear from The Wizard of Oz.

The embellishment on these sequin-encrusted ruby slippers that brought Dorothy home was designed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the film. 

These upgraded slippers were designed by Ronald Winston, son of jewelry designer Harry Winston.

They feature 4,600 rubies (a total of 1,350 carats), 50 carats of diamonds, and took two months to create.

5. Rita Hayworth Heels

stuart weitzman rita hayworth heels price

Price: $3 million

The Rita Hayworth heels, named after actress Rita Hayworth, are worth a shocking $3 million.

A pair of Hayworth’s earrings inspired these shoes. Made of a muted Sienna satin, these stiletto have a closed heel and open toe. 

Nestled in the middle of the shoes is a satin ruffle that holds Hayworth’s earrings made of various precious gemstones, including diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.

These shoes made their debut at the 2006 Oscars, worn by singer Kathleen “Bird” York. After the show, the shoes went to Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, the daughter of Rita Hayworth. 

6. Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordans

The 25 Most Expensive Shoes In The World

Price: $2 million

Air Jordans are so popular because they can be customized to a client’s desires. Such as the Solid Gold OVO Jordans valued at $2 million.

These shoes were dreamed up by Drake, in partnership with Nike. Artist Matthew Senna did the work to coat each sneaker in 24-carat gold. 

You may like the way these shoes look, but they probably aren’t the most comfortable pair. Each shoe weighs 50 pounds. 

7. Tom Ford Customized by Jason Arasheben

Tom Ford Customized by Jason Arasheben for nick cannon price

Price: $2 million

If you’re a shoe lover, you’re sure to recognize Tom Ford, a famous designer of expensive shoes. You can bring home a pair of Ford shoes for a four-digit price tag. 

So why are we listing these Tom Ford’s at two million? That would be because this unique pair was custom-made for Nick Cannon to wear for the season nine finale of America’s Got Talent.

Viewers were shocked at the amount of bling on these shoes, which sold at auction for $2 million after Cannon wore them. 

These shoes, customized by jewelry designer Jason Arasheben, have 340 total carats totaling over 14,000 round-cut white diamonds set in white gold. It took a total of 2,000 hours to make these custom kicks. Do you love shoes enough to pay that price? 

8. Cinderella Slippers by Stuart Weitzman

cinderella slippers most expensive shoes

Price: $2 million

Every woman has fantasized about being Cinderella at the ball, complete with sparkling custom shoes that only fit one foot. And for the price of $2 million, your dream can come true.

The Cinderella Slippers, by famed shoe designer Stuart Weitzman, can make any woman feel like a princess with a clear four-inch heel that seems to disappear against your skin tone.

All you notice is the intricate lace design of the ankle and toe straps that house 565 Kwiat diamonds set in platinum. 

Also, a 5-carat amaretto diamond (a rare piece worth more than $1 million alone) set in the middle of the toe adds a splash of color (the only color in the shoe). 

Country singer Alison Krauss wore these shoes at the 2004 Oscars. Paired with a gold satin dress, the amber amaretto diamond captured the eye while the rest of the shoe seemed to disappear. 

9. Tanzanite Heels by Stuart Weitzman

Tanzanite Heels Stuart Weitzman

Price: $2 million

Yet another Stuart Weitzman design are these Tanzanite heels, valued at $2 million. These shoes were made in collaboration with jeweler Eddie Le Vian of Le Vian Jewelry. 

These 4.5″ silver stilettos are supple Italian leather with an ankle strap covered with 185 carats of bright blue Tanzanite stones (alternating pear and oval-shaped) and 565 Kwiat diamonds (28 carats) set in platinum for an attractive and eye-stopping design. 

These shoes also have diamonds along the toe strap. And as if that’s not enough bling, each ankle strap has a dangling 16-carat pear-shaped tanzanite pendant. 

10. Platinum Guild Stilettos by Stuart Weitzman

Platinum Guild Stilettos by Stuart Weitzman price

Price: $1.09 million

Another popular shoe by designer Stuart Weitzman is the Platinum Guild Stilettos, worth $1.09; million that is. 

These gorgeous stilettos contain 464 round and pear-shaped Kwiat diamonds attached to the delicate platinum fabric straps. 

A neat feature about these expensive but gorgeous shoes is that the platinum straps are removable to wear them as a necklace or bracelet. You can even wear the shoes without the jewels for a less fancy look. Talk about getting your money’s worth. 

These shoes were revealed by Oscar nominee Laura Harring (actress of Mulholland Drive) and were the first million-dollar pair of shoes to be made to wear for the Oscar awards.

11. Ruby Stilettos by Stuart Weitzman

Ruby Stilettos Stuart Weitzman price

Price: $1.6 million

How much money is too much for one pair of shoes? If you don’t mind dropping more than a million, you could have these Ruby Stilettos as your own.

Inspired by the ruby red slippers in The Wizard of Oz, designer Stuart Weitzman decided to give a pair of red 4 ½” tall satin stilettos a significant upgrade. 

This expensive pair of strappy heels contains 642 red Burmese rubies, each one nearly a pound in weight layered atop red satin straps. 

12. Marilyn Monroe Shoes by Stuart Weitzman

highest priced shoes in the world

Price: $1 million

The famed actress may have never worn the Marilyn Monroe heels, but the style is one she would have loved. These heels were explicitly designed around Monroe’s taste in crystals.

The large nude satin rose centerpiece is true to the era. During their first appearance to the World in 2005 by actress Regina King, the rose housed crystals worn by Monroe to help with her hearing. 

After the Oscars, Weitzman swapped the crystals out before donating them to the Celebrity Rags 4 Charity Riches auction, where they went for $1 million. 

13. Retro Rose Pumps by Stuart Weitzman

Retro Rose Pumps by Stuart Weitzman price

Price: $1 million

Inspired by 1940s Hollywood, Stuart Weitzman created the Retro Rose pumps, valued at $1 million. 

These bright gold pumps have a spiked heel and a T-shape, closed-toe design. In the center of each shoe is a large rose centerpiece.

The roses are what makes these shoes so expensive. Nestled inside the rose centerpieces are 1800 Kwiat diamonds (100 carats), valued at over $100,000. There are also 400 more Kwiat diamonds in other areas.  

These shoes were offered to screenwriter Diablo Cody for the 2008 Oscars, but she turned them down, claiming she felt it was a cheesy publicity stunt to wear them.

The two bands’ design is encrusted circles, similar to Kwiat (a famous jeweler) collection. These shoes are the cheapest in Weitzman’s designs.

14. Diamond Dream by Stuart Weitzman

Diamond Dream by Stuart Weitzman $500,000

Price: $500,000

The Diamond Dream high heels, worth a half a million dollars, is another design by the talented Stuart Weitzman. These shoes adorned the feet of actress Anika Noni Rose at the 2007 Oscars.

These classic beauties have a plain thin silver strap around the toe and two decorative straps along the foot’s top, encrusted with 1,420 diamonds. 

15. Kathryn Wilson Diamond Shoe

Kathryn Wilson Diamond Shoe auction price

Price: $420,000

Famed New Zealand designer Kathryn Wilson created this classic pump. She designed these show stoppers as a donation for an auction to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House, a children’s charity.

Luxury goods are a great way to raise money for worthy causes, such as these diamond-studded shoes or a dozen Australian mangos that sold for an astounding $50,000. 

Crafting these beautifies took over 50 hours due to hand-pasting the tiny diamonds over every part of the shoe. These shoes are 21.18 carats that auctioned for $420,000. 

16. Converse Fastbreak (Worn by Michael Jordan)

Converse Fastbreak (Worn by Michael Jordan) auction price

Price: $190,373

Ask any memorabilia collector, and they’ll say you can never pay too much for something worn by a legend. 

Such as these Converse Fastbreaks, worn by Michael Jordan when he and the USA team won the Gold Medal at the Olympics in 1984. 

Signed by Jordan himself, these shoes went for $190,373 in an auction.

17. Nizam Sikandar Jah Shoes

Nizam Sikandar Jah Shoes value

Price: $160,000

An authentic piece of history, the Nizam Sikandar Jah shoes once belonged to Sikandar Jah, an 18th century Nizam of Hyderabad. 

These shoes were once in a Toronto-based museum until they got stolen. They were recovered. However, they were damaged during their time out of the museum’s ownership.

Designed like elfish slippers, these shoes have a complex, curled toe design and embroidered with fine gold thread. 

The entire surface of the shoes is encrusted with multiple gemstones, rubies, diamonds, and emeralds. The current predicted value of these historic slippers is around $160,000. 

18. Buscemi 100 MM Diamond Shoes

what the the most expensive pair of shoes in the world

Price: $132,000

These plain white tennis shoes may not seem like much, but you’ll see why the price tag has a few zeros at the back of that $132 ($132,000) when you take a closer look.

These sneakers have 11.5 carats of diamond set in 18-carat gold. It’s like wearing jewelry on your feet. Just watch the mud puddles. You don’t want these shoes damaged.

19. Air Jordan 12 Flu Games

Air Jordan 12 Flu Games sold price

Price: $104,000

Anything with Michael Jordan’s name attached is valuable, including the Air Jordan 12 Flu Games, worth $104,000.

These used to be the most expensive pair of Jordans in the World due to history. Jordan wore these shoes during the “Flu Game,” where he played while sick with the flu, with an outstanding performance that broke records.

20. Nike Air Jordan Silver Shoes

Jordan Silver Shoes price

Price: $60,000

Jordans (Michael Jordan shoes) have always been a fan favorite. So it’s no surprise that these futuristic solid silver Air Jordans sold for an impressive $60,000 during the auction. 

When first released, there were only ten pairs of silver shoes made. The unique design made collectors eager to get their hands on an elusive pair.

This pair was gifted to Jordan from his wife for his 32nd birthday. As a prized piece of memorabilia from the fantastic Michael Jordan, it’s no wonder they sold for so much. Who wouldn’t want to be like Mike?

21. Nike So Cal Air Force 1 Supreme Max

Air Force 1 Supreme Max

Price: $50,000

Air Force Ones are a popular shoe for collectors due to their elaborate designs and unique patterns. The So Cal Air Force 1 Supreme Max is every shoe fanatic’s dream.

These shoes were purchased by rapper Big Boi (a member of the duo Outkast) for a sum of $50,000 in November 2007. 

They were uniquely customized for the celebrity with 13 carats of champagne diamonds from P & C Diamonds in collaboration with Ernel Dawkins of Laced Up Atlanta.

22. Testoni Men’s Shoes

Testoni Men's Shoes most expensive

Price: $38,000

Women aren’t the only ones who drop big money on their footwear. Testoni offers fashionable shoes for men for a staggering cost of $38,000. 

Made of high-quality alligator leather, these stylish loafers are durable and waterproof. These shoes are made with Norvegese techniques, which accounts for the higher price tag. 

23. Nike Air Mag 2016

Nike Air Mag 2016 26000 price

Price: $26,000

Calling all 80s fans! If you’ve seen Back to the Future II, you’ve no doubt dreamed of the day when shoes will automatically lace as soon as you put them on. 

Nike is helping bring your childhood dreams to life with the Nike Air Mag 2016. These futuristic tennis shoes have a battery-powered motor that lets these shoes automatically lace up to fit your feet. There are even glowing lights on the heels and band.

These shoes were released in partnership with the Michael J. Fox Foundation (established by celebrity Michael J. Fox) in 2016 to help raise money for Parkinson’s research. 

Nike created 84 pairs of these unique shoes, in limited sizes (11 size 7s, 22 size 9s, 33 sizes 11, and 18 size 13s). 

Customers could buy tickets for a raffle for $10 (no limit on how many tickets you purchased), and all proceeds went to Parkinson’s research. These shoes are now worth more than $26,000 a pair.

24. Louis Vuitton Manhattan Richelieu Men’s Shoes

Louis Vuitton Manhattan Richelieu Men's Shoes cost

Price: $10,000

If you like custom, fancy footwear, you’re sure to love the supple alligator leather of these fancy and high priced shoes by Louis Vuitton.

In addition to being made of waxed alligator skin, these shoes have intricate stitching and a nuanced perforation motif, with an elaborately styled zigzag tongue to add character and a fancy look.

With this outrageously priced pair of shoes, there’s a Ruthenium (a rare metal in the platinum family) on the heel for authenticity. 

If you’re a shoe connoisseur, you can add a pair of these custom ordered Manhattan Richelieu shoes to your collection for a meager $10,000.

25. Aubercy Diamond Shoes

Aubercy Diamond Shoes $4510

Price: $4,510

The company Aubercy is known for top quality shoes with a simplistic design. If you don’t mind dropping four g’s for a pair of shoes, you’d like the Aubercy Diamond shoes.

They call them diamond shoes for a reason. These fancy evening shoes have diamonds hand-stitched to give them a custom, expensive look. 

In Closing

You may never get to own any of these expensive shoes, but it’s fun to see how the rich and famous spend their money. Have fun living vicariously through others!